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How do i decide if i need an indoor or outdoor table?

Indoor tables are not weather resistant but provide an excellent bounce and are good value for money. However they must not be stored in damp conditions (such as a barn or garage) as exposure to moisture will cause the playing surface to crack. They will also warp if left outside in the sun for only a short period of time. Outdoor tables are more shock resistant and can be safely stored outside all year making them more long lasting.

What are the key differences between the cheaper and more expensive table tennis tables?

In the Cornilleau range, as the tables get more expensive, the playing surfaces gets thicker (for better bounce), the legs get sturdier, the frames get heavier, the wheels get larger, the net and post sets have more adjustment plus you get additional features such as a MAT top (on outdoor tables) or a SKIL Top (on indoor tables). 

Do all tables have the facility for solo practice?

All rollaway tables can be used for solo practice - just fold one half of the table which creates a surface for you to play against. Static tables (Pro 510) are the only ones that do not have this facility.

At what age can you start to play?

Standard tables have a playing height of 76 cm so from the age of 6 - 7 children can reach them comfortably.

Which tables are suitable for use by disabled players?

All of the tables with the Compact Technology folding system are suitable for use by disabled players as the leg assembly has been designed to allow for a wheelchair under the table.

Are all your tables ITTF approved?

The 850 WOOD Competition tables all have ITTF approval. The ITTF only approve a small number of tables and a full list can be downloaded from their website. Outdoor tables fall outside the guidelines specified for ITTF approval therefore no manufacturer can offer ITTF approved outdoor tables.

Do all tables conform to EU safety regulations?

Yes, every table manufactured by Cornilleau goes beyond the requirements of the EN 14468-1 European safety standard. This standard has 4 categories for different levels of play and the product pages identify which level the table has been approved for. This is a good way to compare tables from different brands.

Are all your tables full size?

All our tables are manufactured to the regulation (ITTF) size of L2740 x W1525 x H760mm.

How much space do i need for my table tennis table?

In addition to the size required for the table itself (2.74 x 1.53m) you need to allow around 1.2m at either end of the table and about 0.6m at either side.

What size are the tables when closed?

Height 155cm, length 183cm, width 75cm


How long is my table guaranteed for?

All Cornilleau tables have a 3 year warranty. The panels on the outdoor playing surface have a 10 year warranty against deformation, delamination and disappearance of markings. This warranty is limited to the supply of parts as recognised as defective by Cornilleau.

Where can i get spare parts for my table?

Cornilleau guarantee the availability of spare parts for a minimum of 5 years from the last production date of any table. In reality, spares continue to be available for a much longer period of time. If you require spares for your table, please take a note of the models and serial number (located on a white label on the underside of one of the playing surfaces) and contact us with these details plus a description of the part required.


What payment methods do you accept?

EFT and credit cards

Where do you deliver to?

Our delivery service includes South African locations. 

What is the delivery time?

3 - 5 working days after received proof of payment.


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